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Security Courses – Training for the Information Assurance Professional 

Information security certification courses can help IT professionals formally validate their knowledge and their experience of cyber-security topics and practices. Several certification programs are currently available that are designed to help security managers acquire the skills needed to better function in their roles and to help them demonstrate their subject matter expertise in key security domains. The pages listed at the top are some of the more reputable information security certification programs.


The Best Security Certification Course Training Company

Over the past five years no company has risen to the top of the IT security courses spectrum than us. We were awarded the EC-Council ATC of the Year Award (which is the #1 EC-Council training vendor in the world). Due to a level of information security instructors that is higher than most training vendors they incorporate more advanced hacking, pentesting and forensics into their security courses. Students get to perform labs that exceed the average lab lead from a text book and performed by a book trained instructor. Security courses from Advanced Security include cutting edge, highly advanced techniques, even in classes like the Security+ students experience more than they would at other training companies.

Different Levels of Cyber Security Courses

Many people need to know which level of cyber security course is right for them. Typically, someone with no IT security experience will begin with the CompTIA Security+ certification, unless you have a substantial amount of sys admin or network admin experience. If that’s the case, you may want to jump directly into the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). After reaching a penetration testing level of CEH, then the choices are much more open and can include courses like ECSA/LPT, Advanced Penetration Tester and CHFI.

The 3 Must Have Training Courses for 2014

Based on the trends in the IT security industry as well as the training and certification industry, we have released our list of the 3 must have IT certifications from 2012. This year’s list includes:

- ECCouncil’s ECSA / LPT Certification
- Advanced Penetration Testing
- Microsoft’s MCSA

The ECSA / LPT made the list mainly because of the huge rush for people to achieve the CEH certification over the last few years. These people are hungry for more hacking and then ECSA / LPT is the next step in the progression.

Advanced Penetration Testing made the list based on all the hackers who have come out of the woodwork and entered the professional arena since hacking training has become popular. Cyber war is the highest level of hacking that can be learned in a classroom.

The MCSA essentially was removed by Microsoft for the MCITP-SA, and then now, primarily because the name was more recognizable, was brought back. Its place in the systems administration industry is still among the very top certs.


Advanced Security Training: Because You Deserve the Best.

The Certified Access Specialist program, also known as the CASP is a certification program that trains and provides individuals with computer and IT competency. The CASp is a globally recognized examination that is neutral among all technology vendors. Specifically the CASp trains candidates to proficiently integrate computing, risk management, communications, research, analysis, and the varied disciples of business into the IT departments of technological companies and businesses.

The CASp exam covers a wide array of technical knowledge and skills that are necessary to understand, design, develop, as well as solve problems that relate to the complex integration of business and technology in pertinence to security. The CASp exam demonstrates, and ultimately will develop within the test taker, the ability to think critically and gain a greater understanding of the security disciples required to create, utilize, and implement solutions to enterprise drivers.


Today, technology firms and businesses are only looking for the most competent, driven, intelligent, and properly trained individuals to employ. The IT and computer fields have some of the highest hiring rates among professions. However, only the crème of the crop of applicants, those that have the adequate training required to understand the intricate, complex, and not to forget ever changing, world of computer science, are the ones that get hired.

Undeniably, applicants that possess advanced security training not only secure the best paying positions within the technology field, but also enjoy the benefit of having additional job security. Once technology firms hire an applicant with advanced security training they do not let those people go.

In today’s fast paced and technology based world almost all organizations rely on computer technology to conduct their business. Individuals with a strong background in advanced security training are sustaining the ever progressive computer and IT fields. As the computer field becomes increasingly more competitive, with higher profits to net and growth to experience, the stakes become higher for those people attempting to secure employment in within this field.

Technological companies understand that having a properly trained workforce leads to greater productivity, greater value, and the ability to evolve and adapt to an environment that is constantly changing. It makes sense that employers looking to hire people only desire those applicants that can produce the type of productivity and value that is needed to keep pace with the competition. The most attractive applicants are those that have sufficiently passed advanced security training.

Make the choice that is better for you and your career; enroll in an advanced security training program today and find the results in yourself, and your future, you have been looking for.


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