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Securing the Cloud: Challenges and Solutions in Cloud Computing Security

Cloud computing is one of the most popular trends in modern IT and provides unrivaled accessibility to software and data for end users. This anytime, anywhere access allows companies to achieve higher productivity and offers exceptional flexibility for web administration, but can present new and unexpected security challenges for businesses and individual users. While some security issues are similar to those faced by companies that maintain their own data locally, others are unique to the cloud computing environment and must be resolved with new and innovative security solutions that allow access while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of stored data.

Cloud Security Training

We offer a hands-on instructor led cloud security training class that is trained by one of the leading security experts on the planet. This is a one week class that covers all the core aspects and then gets deep into advanced cloud security principles. The hands-on course will firmly prepare the students to find holes and lock down their virtual environment. Use the form above to request training class information.

Allowing Access While Maintaining Security

Cloud computing services allow users to access software, services and stored data through remote logins that must be properly secured and encrypted. These logins are the key to providing ready access to the data and software packages stored in the cloud computing environment, but they can also represent one of the most serious security challenges for IT administrators. In some cases, the passwords chosen by employees or others with access may be too simple or obvious and may leave the entire system vulnerable to intrusion, allowing sensitive data to be stolen or compromised. In order to ensure that logins remain secure, companies that use cloud computing services should require that users select strong passwords and maintain secure encryption for all login attempts. This simple step can ensure the security of valuable data while allowing staff members and other authorized parties to access information when necessary for business needs.

Maintaining Data Integrity While Providing Useful Access

The ability to manipulate and edit data remotely is one of the most important elements of cloud computing, but this ability can lead to significant security risks if proper backups are not performed on a regular basis. Unintended changes and alterations to existing data can significantly impact the operations of the company and the security of the information stored in the cloud. Maintaining tiered access to data can help to resolve these issues by limiting full editing access to only those employees who require that level of control. Identifying the various levels of access required by different positions within the corporate structure can help to limit the risk of data loss while allowing each employee to access the data, software and resources they need to maintain productivity.

Cloud Computing Services Providers

One area of concern in cloud computing security exists within the cloud services industry itself. Maintaining proper physical security for the areas that house the cloud servers is essential, but equally important are the computing security measures that prevent outside intrusion or unauthorized access to client data and software platforms. In many cases, the final legal and actual responsibility for securing this data and ensuring the security of vital corporate software packages resides with the client, not the service provider. Determining the level of security and protection afforded by the cloud services provider can help companies boost security where necessary and identify the most secure methods for securing and accessing their data in the cloud computing environment.

By considering these and other aspects of cloud computing security, IT administrators can ensure that valuable corporate data and sensitive customer information is protected against unauthorized access and theft. Secure cloud computing services can provide exceptional access and increased productivity, letting companies accomplish more and earn more by working smarter in the cloud.