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ECSA / LPT Certification Training

The EC-Council’s Certified Security Analyst/Licensed Penetration Tester (ECSA/LPT) program is a comprehensive course in advanced hacking techniques and penetration testing methodologies. The course is platform agnostic and teaches students penetration testing techniques across multiple network, operating system, database and application environments. The 5-day certification course comprises of 48 separate modules covering a wide range of technology, administrative and business-oriented topics relevant to the field of penetration testing. The curriculum places a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning and covers varied topics ranging from data protection regulations and compliance standards to Google hacking, packet analysis, wireless hacking, and log analysis. As part of the training students are taught how to do penetration testing for different types of attacks such as denial of service attacks, wireless attacks, Voice over IP attacks and application attacks. Students are taught not just how to identify potential security issues but also how to respond to incidents and how to mitigate the chances of something similar happening in future.

The program is targeted specifically at network server administrators, security testers and systems administrators, those within the risk and audit groups and firewall administrators. Those who acquire an ECSA/LPT certification typically have demonstrable knowledge in how to design, secure and test corporate networks and how to protect them from a range of external and internal threats. Like many of the other certification programs offered by the EC-Council, the ECSA/LPT program is geared towards getting security managers to view threats from a malicious attacker’s standpoint. As part of the training, students will be walked through actual penetration testing exercises and taught how attackers typically gain access to corporate networks. The goal is to help security managers recognize potential vulnerabilities that they might have otherwise missed.

Students who sign up for the course go through a five day training program. The certification exam is administered on the last day of training via Prometric’s Web site. Exam fees can go up to $500 depending on region.

Info on Industry Leading ECSA / LPT Training Courses

The ECSA / LPT is the upper level penetration testing training class. Typically, if you have completed and passed the CEH, you should then go to the ECSA / LPT for the next level of hacking skill sets. ECSA / LPT training is available all over the country, but the world’s #1 EC-Council (per the EC-Council ATC of the Year Award) training provider is Advanced Security by Academy of Computer Education.

Free Online Training Information for the ECSA/LPT

Coming in January 2015, @CybraryIT will be providing free penetration testing training online.